Thursday, December 10, 2009


(untitled)- TGIK by thisguyiknow


This is for my Old School, Nichols Lincoln
1995 at the bus stop drinking,
These Days, I can't help myself thinking
Time flashes by 6 months in a weekend

I got love for my fam,
help me out
build me up
cause they part of who I am,
And without them,
the forecast grim
and that doormat's slim

But I have an open window so climb on in
and we'll try to make the world stand still with a counter spin
well at least have at it,
if not make some beats in the attic

Cry to the North star,
journeymen of the past
Dawn's light breaks,
paint graffiti on our backs
living on an island, the future is the present tense
Dreaming eyes open,
Silent warm resonance

Slips down heaven sent
rain in the tropics corrugated metal bent
Daydream kaleidoscope
A Leather bound journal charting how high we float

Stories written in the sand
crumbled my castles humbled to these lands
low fog in the plains
Climbing Redwoods watch the ocean drain

new land record running through the poppies
where only fear is the element that stops me
Let's dream lets go, Let's build let's grow

And can we dance in this loophole?

Carve a bit of heaven out this cruel world ?

I think we can if we dream it

I think we will if we believe it

An astral weeks serenade
A Euphoric Zenith
Wailing from the ashes a claustrophobic Phoenix


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