Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Crazy TGIK & Ceo Rock

Purple Mercury- TGIK & Ceo Rock by thisguyiknow


try my cherry flavor root-beer watermelon,
broken fiberglass rusty nail super felon,
hold your breath and do a front flip lip slide,
candy coated pink all terrain chick-ride,

foggy windows in my outdoor bubble-bath
eighty jumpin jacks, dirty ballerina chewin glass,
foghorn inda warm porn escalades,
caramelized chalk dancin on my razor-blades,

all i wanna do is find the center of a rose
watcha' baby dandelion start to decompose
put my hand inside a popcorn belly-dish
folda' nectarine
switcha' kitten to a fish,

maybe i could peela raisin to a xylophone
overlookin' mandator's skippin to a metronome,
at my destination plannin feelins for my entourage
chasin bubbles wearin polka-dotted camouflage,


hold your breath until you make a forest fire break,
hang your paper money on my bog-wire gate,
start to procreate join a mission to uranus,
mold the future till the alligator knows your famous,

suddenly i find a super massive black-hole,
spin my magnetic field till i attract gold,
hold my breath until you come out of your hiding place,
break the mirror seeing clearer through the black lace,

and its beautiful believing u were always there,
just discovered i wuz sitting on your rocking chair,
wear the time going underneath the figure skater,
turn around the juicy bubbling the elevator,

see me after free falling from the sun spot,
radiating all the luster of my gunshot,
zero tolerance
alternating currency
crossing the event horizon
in my purple mercury,

what a silly way to travel at the speed of light,
choppin blindfolded dynamite i'll be alright,
hold my hand as we navigate the wind tunnel,
wrapping lips on busy ends of mamas gin funnel,

smokin jambalaya outta foreign interludes,
smilin' inda face of fumigating bitter-foods,
wanna be the reason for the love assault
into every hologram
of the salt,

combing every surface tryna find the very start,
where's the steerin wheel
like it wuz a silky shark,
don't forget to break while u let the milk breath,
all while i smile and gracefully take my leave.... u alone...

Thursday, October 15, 2009